Socialize With Us

NCG's Lexicon

Defining Key Terms: What do these important words mean to us?

  • Equity. Equal access to opportunity, institutions, and resources by all people to enable them to participate, prosper, and thrive.
  • Social Justice. Systematic fair treatment by and within governmental, social, cultural, and community institutions that ensures equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.
  • Leadership. The capacity to create shared vision, motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision, develop effective strategies, and build thriving teams that deliver results.
  • Community. People joined together by shared purpose, vision, interests, or goals. Characterized by persistence (i.e., enduring over time), relatedness (i.e., engagement with one another in dynamic ways), and connection (i.e., camaraderie).
  • Culture. The “look and feel” of an organization, community, or region that results from shared values, beliefs, and agreed-upon behavioral norms.
  • Regional Vibrancy. The unique and distinct character that defines Northern California: its natural beauty, human diversity, artistic and cultural richness, innovative, entrepreneurial and creative economic engine, and deep legacy of social justice. Our “heartbeat,” if you will.
  • Sustainability. Strengthening and preserving our region’s vital workforce, diverse and rich populations, nonprofit infrastructure, artistic and cultural communities/institutions, and natural environment.