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NCG Program Materials

January, 2017

We know that grantmakers can bolster nonprofit effectiveness and results by supporting capacity-building initiatives, thus ensuring their grantees have what they need to deliver on their missions over the long haul. As part of GEO and NCG’s partnership, we’re happy to offer this dynamic and comprehensive workshop, which tackles the essential questions that drive the design of effective capacity building support. Developed with information and insights gathered over many years of working with grantmakers on this topic, A New Vision for Comprehensive Capacity Building takes participants on a deep dive into understanding what matters most when it comes to building a successful capacity building program.

December, 2016

After a long and ugly ride, what are the key takeaways from the election? Where will these results take us? And what are the long-term strategies that will fuel the growing movement for a direct and participatory democracy?

November, 2016

A report issued last year by the Bay Area Black United Fund - Black-Led Organizations (BLOs) in the Bay Area: From Crisis to Change- noted that BLO’s which are lifelines to low-income Black communities are especially vulnerable due to a cumulative lack of resources to support growth, best-in-class systems, training and leadership development. Connections to mentors, coaches, experienced consultants, and other resources to assist with succession planning, board recruitment and the implementation of earned income strategies have been identified as keys to improving the sustainability of Black-Led Organizations and the communities they serve.
Resources from the briefing program include presentation, reports, profiles of Black-led organizations, and a description of the partnership opportunity.

October, 2016

Before collaboration became the latest philanthropic buzzword, many grantmakers were already collaborating in ways both large and small around shared concerns or core issues and beliefs. This workshop explored the action steps grantmakers can take to build a culture that leads to successful collaboration.

September, 2016

In this workshop, Program Officers will gain an understanding of how to engage in a dialogue with grantees to identify their capacity for fiscal strategy around complex issues.

September, 2016

If you're new to philanthropy, or interested in sharpening your skills, NCG's signature program, New Grantmakers Institute: Grantmaking for the 21st Century, helps build your framework for best practices for ethical and effective grantmaking, and helps you place yourself within this ecosystem you are a part of. 

August, 2016

Participants learned the latest on the Supreme Court ruling and its impact in the state of California, and explored how philanthropy in California can strengthen and support the immigrant community.  

July, 2016

In this workshop, Program Officers discussed how key drivers of an organization’s business model are used to develop long-term financial plans.

July, 2016
On July 11, 2016 members of the Bay Area Health Funders Group gathered to discuss and gain a deep understanding about what it takes to implement a racial equity lens within their institution.