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NCG Program Materials

January, 2018

Despite the recovery of the American economy and national unemployment rates at their lowest levels in years, millions of people who are willing and able to work are excluded from that prosperity.

To address the inefficiencies and challenges of entry into today’s workforce for young people and adults overcoming barriers like incarceration or homelessness, a  unique partnership that was forged in Los Angeles is being replicated in the Bay Area.  The Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise or LA: Rise bridges the gaps in service between local social enterprises, the public workforce system, and private employers to create a pathway to sustainable employment that has proven results.  

REDF, a partner and leader committed to creating employment opportunities and upward pathways for people who face the greatest barriers to work through social enterprises, is partnering with the San Francisco Foundation, Workday, the California Wellness Foundation and others to build on the achievements of LA: RISE, by bringing this innovative ecosystem model to the Bay Area.

November, 2017

At this program, attendees participated in a lively discussion to find out why it’s been so hard to help grantees do their work better and what funders can do differently to get it right. Experts  offered successful regional models, current trends, and best practices for funders, nonprofits, and consultants to successfully support nonprofit capacity in all aspects of their work. We dug deep into these learnings and explored our region’s needs, capacity, and how we can better support the nonprofit sector.

October, 2017

In an October 4 Webinar, we introduced funders to new efforts in California to reimagine democracy at the local level. These new tools for community power and democracy are broadening political participation for traditionally disenfranchised groups, expanding civic engagement beyond elections, and creating new platforms for making government more responsive, accountable, and equitable.

October, 2017

In our two-day Full Cost workshop, funders and nonprofits worked together to explore some of the Full Cost tips and strategies that can work for them. This hands-on training provided a unique space for leaders and staff on both sides of the funding equation to break down barriers and learn together. Over the course of the workshop, participants followed a case study organization and learned to analyze financial statements with a Full Cost mind-set in order to arrive at a Full Cost assessment for the case study.

October, 2017

In this event on October 11, NCG welcomed B Lab co-founder Bart Houlahan and Chief B Keeper at B Lab Ben Anderson, as well as local leaders of the B Corp community, to have a conversation about the role business must play in addressing social and environmental issues and explore how companies can create an inclusive economy that provides a shared and durable prosperity for all.

October, 2017

On October 17th, we were joined by over 150 participants on our funder call with leaders of local community foundations and disaster experts located in the areas most affected by recent Northern California wildfires. We heard a firsthand report of the situation, and learned what funders, nonprofits, and government are doing to assist at this stage of the emergency. 

October, 2017

The Census happens just once every 10 years but its outcomes have serious ramifications. In our October 18 program, we heard from an expert panel of speakers who shared insight on all things Census.

October, 2017

One of the most cost effective ways to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness is to house them. At this program, we learned about the connection between housing and health, how to build cross sector relationships, promising projects in the region and the country, and philanthropy’s role as a catalyst for advancing health and well-being in our communities through housing.  

October, 2017

In this October 26th program, two disaster-tested philanthropic leaders shared lessons about disaster planning for funding organizations, drawing on their experiences with disasters in the Monterey area in recent years, the devastating Cedar Rapids flood in 2008, and disasters in Louisiana.

September, 2017

In this webinar co-sponsored with Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, members learned about unique post-disaster challenges facing immigrants and refugees, particularly those who are low-income and limited English proficient, and explored both their immediate and long-term needs. We discussed ways that philanthropy can most effectively support recovery and rebuilding efforts in diverse affected regions in the months and years that lie ahead.