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Schools and Communities First is a historic effort to reform Proposition 13 and restore over $11 billion a year for services that all Californians rely on like schools and community colleges, socia

The Bay Area Health Funders Group, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, and the California HealthCare Foundation hosted an in-depth discussion of the progress we’ve made on health equity policy priorities in 2019, what’s on the horizon for 2020, and how to help communities prepare for the many changes taking place. They explored how philanthropy can respond, and what role it can play in supporting positive policy change. 

Capacity building is a concept we can all get behind.  Both grantseekers and grantmakers know this is the base for long term sustainability and organizational effectiveness.

Philanthropy supports community and policy partners to change hearts and minds and improve quality of life.

Thank you for joining us for the 2019 New Grantmakers Institute | Grantmaking in the 21st Century!