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Capacity building is a concept we can all get behind.  Both grantseekers and grantmakers know this is the base for long term sustainability and organizational effectiveness.

Thank you for joining us for the 2019 New Grantmakers Institute | Grantmaking in the 21st Century!

Goals, agenda, & resources for Session 3. 

During this interactive webinar on December 6, we discussed the status of the federal budget and the implications for California’s budget, the potential impact of federal tax and budget choices on public services and systems, communities, and nonprofits, and how this all could impact the work of grantmakers and nonprofit organizations.


How do we move a cross-racial set of voters toward believing in and fighting for racial and economic justice?

For two years, the #MeToo Movement has dominated the news headlines as women who’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted continue to step forward to tell their stories.

Because stories are powerful, and because they are wholly owned by the person who shares them, we have an ethical obligation to use story in ways that do no harm.

A summary that describes Rep. Tom Price’s Empowering Patients First Act.

Ableism: a social attitude that having a disability makes someone a less valued member of society. It assumes that the ways able–bodied people live are the best ways to live.