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NCG Program Materials

August, 2014

Hosted by NCG, Marin Community Foundation and Rebuild the Dream, this briefing featured Van Jones and other movement leaders exploring Tech's diversity problem and how #YesWeCode endeavors to address it.

June, 2014

Videos, photos and more from a special invite-only event with Robert B. Reich.

April, 2014

Photos, videos, tweets and more.

March, 2014

This NCG Member-Initiated Briefing offered funders an opportunity to participate in a dialogue on immigration policy and integration efforts in the Golden State.

February, 2014

The field of philanthropy is now more complex and dynamic than ever.

February, 2014

Today's nonprofits and philanthropic organizations are, on average, better managed than ever.

November, 2013

Storytelling is a fundamental part of culture and happens to be one of the best ways to teach, persuade, and even understand ourselves.

October, 2013

The final webinar in the Glasspockets Webinar Series.

October, 2013

This year's Corporate Philanthropy Institute (CPI) expanded on the discussion we started last year about social innovation. Diving deeper, the CPI focused on how innovative approaches and ideas are playing out in the "real world" of corporate philanthropy, social responsibility, and corporate citizenship.

October, 2013

This Member-Initiated Briefing emerging field of Children’s Savings Accounts, long-term savings accounts set up for children as early as birth, to help families pay for the cost of post-secondary e