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Microaggression Role Play

In mid-January 2021, with the violent insurrection of January 6th still fresh in their minds, three colleagues met up to rehearse a scenario they'd soon perform as a role-play for a group of peer communications professionals. They were gathering to prepare for hosting the peer event, Liberating Communications. The topic was microaggression and how to respond. They hit 'record' to create a transcript in case they needed it for notes, and never intended to share it. But the experience, even make-believe, really shook them and they decided it might be a helpful resource for peers looking to de-code their own role both in committing micro-aggressions and responding to them.

Below you'll find the raw footage of the microaggression role play with Carlos Aguilar of ChangeLawyers, Jen Meehan of Hispanics in Philanthropy, and Emily Katz of Northern California Grantmakers. 


watch the raw footage