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The Legal Services Funder Network (LSFN) is an informal group of funders who support civil legal service organizations as a strategy to help alleviate poverty. The network is comprised of a cross-disciplinary group representing community and private foundations, private law firms, donor advised funds, individuals, government, “crowd source” funders, and the California Bar Foundation. In 2014 the network began to host events in the San Francisco Bay Area as a means of providing a space for legal service funders and key partners to convene and collaborate to:

  • Raise the profile of how legal services impacts poverty alleviation
  • Help more philanthropic dollars go to legal services organizations
  • Provide an example of sector-collaborative work by having diverse funders as well as government “at the table” working together
  • Collaborate with other funders when of true value (e.g. funding a study)

NCG is pleased serve as a partner and Fiscal Sponsor to the LSFN. Visit the LSFN website for more information!