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Senior Fellowship

Senior Fellowship
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Job Description: 


Northern California Grantmakers (“NCG”) is a dynamic membership organization that brings the philanthropic community together to build healthy, thriving, just communities.   We value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and welcome applicants of diverse race, ethnic culture, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

NCG is a catalyst for our region’s philanthropic community. We bring funders and other key stakeholders together to tackle big issues and achieve shared goals. To maximize the collective power of our community, we partner with our members in three areas of focus:  

Equity and Social Justice:  Leveling the opportunity playing field and working to right persistent wrongs. 

Leadership, Culture and Community:  Nurturing the dynamic and diverse people and institutions in philanthropy.

Regional Vibrancy and Sustainability:  Building networks to sustain the fabric and culture of the place we all love. 

This approach allows us to advocate for smart strategic philanthropy and community practice while maintaining flexibility to respond to emerging issues that impact our members and the region.

The Opportunity

NCG is delighted to announce that we are looking to identify the next Senior Fellow to work with us.  We seek a leader who will bring their perspective, experience, and expertise to NCG to advance a project that could be supported and nurtured through our infrastructure and member community.  We invite senior leaders who have transitioned out of their roles within the last 12 months to submit a proposal for a project that you want to pursue on a part-time basis (~2 days a week) over an 18-month period.

While a Senior Fellow does not have to have a professional background in philanthropy, some connection to and understanding of the field is required, and the project you propose should serve the philanthropic field and align with NCG values and mission. Projects can take many forms, and the emphasis of your time spent in the role will be determined by the focus of your work. Additionally, as NCG supports leadership development that advances individuals’ capacities to advance equity and effect positive social change, an ideal candidate will bring the desire and capacity to play an active role in developing and engaging in equity-focused leadership development opportunities with our member community.

NCG offers Senior Fellows a generous stipend, a workspace and access to basic office support (e.g., photocopier, supplies, phone, etc.). 

Desired Qualities and Characteristics

We invite individuals who possess the following qualities/characteristics to apply:

  • Transitioned out of a senior leadership role within the last twelve months
  • Well-connected in your community
  • Influential among your peers and others in your field
  • Well-established in your career
  • A philanthropy-serving project idea that is well-suited to the NCG community
  • Familiarity with the field of philanthropy
  • Values alignment with NCG
  • Ability to be present in the NCG office when needed
  • Experience with and interest in equity and transformational leadership development 


  • The Senior Fellow will work with NCG approximately two days per week, with flexibility to develop a schedule that works for all
  • A monthly stipend will be paid, with a modest additional budget for meetings/ convenings, learning and conferences
  • Start date between November 1, 2019 and January 6, 2020
  • The duration of the fellowship is 18 months

Selection Process

During the selection process for the next Senior Fellow we will assess applications vis a vis:

  1. The strength of the applicant’s desired qualities/characteristics
  2. Connection to the NCG mission and vision
  3. The potential of the proposed project to positively impact the NCG community.

The selection committee will be comprised of NCG staff, board, and members.


Contact NCG's Leadership, Culture, and Community Director, Kate Seely at

Apply and Nominate

If you are applying yourself (which we encourage!), please submit an application, no longer than 3 pages, to Kate Seely, Director, Leadership, Culture & Community,, before September 15 that addresses the following:
  • Name, Location, Email
  • Your former title and professional affiliation and the date you separated from that organization
  • Your relationship with organized philanthropy and actors within the field
  • An overview of your proposed project  that answers the following questions:
    • What change would you want to effect?
    • What would you want to accomplish, and what would you want to learn?
    • How would this project serve the NCG philanthropic community?
    • Why would it be appropriate to conduct this work at NCG?
    • What is the equity framework/lens that you would bring to the work?
    • What are examples of the key activities you would expect to engage in?
    • What do you need to succeed?
    • What support do you need from NCG as you envision this work?
If you are nominating someone else, please complete and submit the nomination form before August 16, 2019. We will follow up with the nominated individual.