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RE:WORK TRAINING Program Manager

RE:WORK TRAINING Program Manager
Application Deadline: 
Monday, January 31, 2022
Job Description: 



All Stars will be launching the RE:WORK TRAINING BAY AREA program in January 2022. This innovative training and placement program aims to create workplaces that reflect the diversity of our neighborhoods. The program accomplishes this through a spectrum of programming that includes an 8-week job training and placement program for overlooked communities, a robust Volunteer Program made up of mentors, trainers, and career coaches, and a Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Program. The goal is to raise the floor for the untapped individuals who join the program through full-time work in Tech Sales, as well as to provide ongoing professional and personal support through a diverse and tight-knit community. RE:WORK TRAINING got its start in Chicago and is opening a second location in the Bay Area as part of the All Stars family of programs and services.


Backed by All Stars’ 30-year history of catalyzing change and deep network of philanthropic and corporate partners, the RE:WORK TRAINING Program Manager is not only poised to grow RE:WORK TRAINING’s footprint within the Bay Area tech community,  but also to progress a new model of philanthropic investment.

To support programming efforts for our Bay Area Program, we are looking for a Program Manager to lead our candidate recruiting and support efforts for our 8-week career training and placement program. In 2022, we will run 4 cohorts of 10-20 candidates (one cohort per quarter) with a goal of placing a minimum f 40 candidates in full-time sales positions.


For Candidates / Alumni:

  • Lead candidate recruiting efforts through a solid understanding of the Bay Area untapped community landscape and by developing partnerships with local community and junior colleges, career development programs, and nonprofit partners.
  • Lead onboarding and management of RE:WORK TRAINING candidates; lead management of re:work alumni.
  • Manage candidate learning management system, tracking candidate progress, and scoring/providing feedback for candidates’ pre / post work.
  • Administer, track, and analyze candidate/alumni survey data to gauge engagement and suggest operational and programming changes accordingly.
  • Oversee professional development stipends and placement bonuses.
  • Lead training sessions as necessary.

For Volunteers (in collaboration with the Director of Strategic Partnerships):

  • Manage onboarding, placement, and management of volunteers
  • Develop and craft learning programs for volunteers focused on leadership development, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices / topics for professionals
  • Develop and lead a professional, high-performing Volunteer Leadership Team to manage RE:WORK TRAINING’s Volunteer Program, as well as other various business functions, and delegate tasks according to skill and will of team
  • Administer, track, and analyze volunteer survey data to gauge volunteer engagement and suggest operational or programming improvements accordingly


  • Develop and craft curriculum to support 8-week career training and placement, focused on sales, professional skills, and career development; maintain updates to curriculum based on industry trends, as well as survey data and focus groups of candidates, alumni, and hiring partners.
  • Working closely with Director of Strategic Partnerships to create infrastructure to support, track, and report on:
    • Candidate Recruitment, Onboarding, Empowerment & Engagement & Progress
    • Alumni Engagement, Job Support & Empowerment
    • Volunteer Recruitment, Onboarding & Management
  • Work closely with Executive Director, Program Director and Director of Strategic Partnerships to develop site-specific KPIs for REPS framework and 1 year plan for Bay Area
  • Lead marketing and messaging efforts for attracting RE:WORK TRAINING candidates and volunteers


  • To be successful in this role, you have at least 3 years of experience developing and managing learning programs that support the growth, development, and retention of diverse team members and managers throughout an organization.
  • You should have a passion for diversity, equity & inclusion work - bonus if you have formally supported an organization in diversity, equity, and inclusion work for 1-2 years.
  • Demonstrated success in an entrepreneurial environment; able to quickly shift between designing at a high altitude and executing on the ground level
  • Experience developing program or business strategy, setting performance indicators, implementing strategic plans, and measuring success
  • Strong networker with aptitude for developing valuable trusting relationships
  • Excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • Seasoned leader with demonstrated success growing teams with cross-functional responsibilities
  • Passion for community building, diversity, equity & inclusion work; experience working in low-income communities preferred
  • Passionate about the mission and model of All Stars Helping Kids
  • Enthusiastic, creative, and dependable


  • Salary: $70,000 - $80,000
  • All Stars Helping Kids offers a full range of competitive benefits for you and your qualified dependents


Based in Santa Clara, CA, All Stars Helping Kids (ASHK) is dedicated to disrupting the cycle of poverty affecting underprivileged youth in the Bay Area. The organization got its start in 1989 when NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and his wife Karen raised $100,000 in a single evening and elected to invest it in several South Bay nonprofits fighting poverty. Since then, All Stars has grown considerably and expanded its grantee profile, using the simple formula of raising money and redistributing it to create opportunities in education, health, and life skills for disadvantaged youth.

Today, All Stars personifies its mission through a variety of program and direct charitable activities:

  • Venture Philanthropy – the All Stars Accelerator Program invests in emerging and early-stage nonprofits with innovative programs providing Access to Education, Career Readiness, and Health & Wellness programs to disadvantaged youth living in low-income communities. We provide 3 years of general operating support, capacity building, coaching, and connecting to peer and funding networks.
  • Driving Innovation – All Stars incubates and supports innovative demonstration programs and initiatives.  Throughout our history, we have launched a number of programs and organizations including Champion Charities, Eric’s Vision, and Winning Play$. We have also created specific funding opportunities to meet specific needs in our communities such as the Helping Hands Fund, 2nd Chance Fund, and the Rapid Response Fund.
  • Thought Leadership – All Stars published articles, blogs, and research as well as presenting at conferences to help support more effective and impactful philanthropy.  All Stars believes that it is not just what you fund but how you fund is vital in advancing racial equity, social justice, and economic mobility.

Guided by a passionate Board of Directors, the organization is leveraging its unique role as a grant maker, convener, and advocate to activate a network of changemakers committed to increasing opportunities for underserved and overlooked youth and families.


Please submit an updated resume and thoughtful cover letter that outlines how your skills and experiences meet the qualifications of the position to