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Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinator
Application Deadline: 
Friday, October 15, 2021
Job Description: 

Position Title:  Operations Coordinator

Reports To:  President & CEO

Location: Oakland office, hybrid remote/in office schedule


The Operations Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of operations at California Humanities, including bookkeeping, facility management, technology support, systems management, and office administration.


  • Process vendor bills and ensure proper coding of expenses per instructions provided, using Quickbooks and
  • Track payments made to independent contractors.
  • Record all grants/contracts to be paid.
  • Manage W-9s and other documents for all new vendors; file W-9s for independent contractors.
  • Coordinate grant payments with accountant and Grants Manager.
  • Keep track of every financial transaction, including invoices and records of payment, for financial management and audit purposes.
  • Work with California Humanities accountants on financial procedures and the annual audit, as necessary


  • Manage all aspects of California Humanities facilities and troubleshoot any issues that arise; monitor leases for office with CEO.
  • Manage and oversee the development and implementation of appropriate technological strategies for California Humanities within available resources. 
  • Work with contracted IT support firm to ensure that California Humanities has up to date and functioning computer and IT services, coordinate support requests with staff. 
  • Develop and maintain emergency plan for Oakland office, and train staff on implementation annually.
  • Maintain office equipment and phone systems in the Oakland office and for remote employees as required.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to staff with regard to computer and phone systems, as well as all office equipment.
  • Manage all operational systems used by California Humanities (email, calendar, server, conference call vendor, file sharing, etc.); work with appropriate staff to research and select all new requested systems; continually reevaluate current systems to ensure California Humanities is utilizing the best systems and receiving the best pricing available.
  • Serve as liaison between California Humanities and any consultants/vendors who provide operational services and support.
  • Maintain record of any fixed assets purchased (computers, furniture, etc.).
  • Ensure that all offices remain at operational capacity with regard to technology, equipment, and facilities, including the appearance of offices; responsible for construction and placement of any new office furniture; responsible for storage areas (both on- and off-site), as well as upkeep and cleanliness of all storage areas.
  • Attend Board meetings and prepare reports for board members as requested by the CEO.
  • Work with appropriate staff to provide technology implementation and oversight for the production of events and programs, as needed.


  • Primary responsibility for handling California Humanities’ mail and registering incoming checks as part of the organization’s accounting function.
  • Primary responsibility for ordering and reorganizing office supplies and print materials (letterhead, business cards, collateral), and ensuring the office remains at operational capacity with regards to supplies.
  • Manage and update office calendar to keep all staff abreast of California Humanities’ activities.
  • Collect and file monthly advocacy timesheets from all staff, forward these timesheets quarterly to accounting.
  • Oversee California Humanities staff retreats, celebrations and other social gatherings.
  • Provide general office oversight and first point of contact for general phone and email inquiries.


  • Minimum of 4-5 years of experience in an office, preferably in a non-profit environment.
  • Experience with technology systems and facilities management.
  • Experience with Quickbooks,, and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks, be responsive to staff requests, and understand how to prioritize competing needs.

Please send resume and cover letter to by October 15, 2021.

California Humanities is an equal opportunity employer and believes in a diverse work force, and applicants from all communities are encouraged to apply.