Grants Officer

Grants Officer
Job Description: 

About the Hewlett Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is a nonpartisan, private charitable foundation that advances ideas and supports institutions to promote a better world. For more than 50 years, we have supported efforts to advance education for all, preserve the environment, improve lives and livelihoods in developing countries, promote the health and economic well-being of women, support vibrant performing arts, strengthen Bay Area communities and make the philanthropy sector more effective.

The foundation’s assets are more than $9 billion, with annual awards of grants and gifts totaling more than $400 million. A fourteen-member board of directors provides overall direction for the foundation. The foundation’s culture and approach to its work are informed by a set of guiding principles that have been collectively articulated by the staff, board and the president. The foundation supports personal and professional development opportunities that reinforce active learning and intellectual rigor and encourage diverse perspectives and experimentation.

About Grants Management at the Hewlett Foundation

The Grants Management team focuses on maximizing the impact and effectiveness of grantmaking at the Hewlett Foundation. It has a unique vantage point across the organization. Working on every program and on every grant, the Grants Management team is a critical partner in the management and implementation of program strategies. The team designs systems to interact with grantees, manage the grant lifecycle, aggregate information, analyze data, and share learning and best practices. Highly regarded across the foundation for their expertise and collaboration, the Grants Management team prioritizes and values creativity, curiosity, use of best practices, and mutual support.

The Grants Officer Position

The Grants Officer will join a seven-person Grants Management team and play an integral role in the creation and sharing of foundation-wide grants practice frameworks. This position represents a unique opportunity to join one of the sector’s most innovative grants management team structures, reporting to a recognized and respected leader in the broader grants management field.

Grants Officers in the Hewlett Foundation model are respected resources, thought partners, and catalysts for innovation. Grants Officers partner with program teams and collaborate closely across administrative functions to facilitate the grantmaking process and achieve foundation goals. They also engage across the foundation by leading cross-organization projects, committees and initiatives, and engage at all levels in the organization. From implementing systems and advancing best practices, to developing tools and processes, the Grants Officer plays a pivotal role in all grantmaking activities and has a valued voice in all aspects of the foundation’s work.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Partnership: Each Grants Officer is paired with a specific program(s), where s/he is a critical partner in ensuring that operations go smoothly and grants practices are consistent with the foundation. Serving as a dedicated consultant, the Grants Officer assumes responsibility for ensuring that grantmaking operations are precise, accurate, and efficient. Grants Officers develop an intimate knowledge of their respective program area(s), thus allowing them to provide insights, analysis, and learning to help the team as a strategic contributor.

  • Technology and Processes: Grants Officers develop and implement systems and tools for managing grantmaking. Serving as a liaison to administrative teams across the foundation as well as technology contractors, Grants Officers also play the role of system translators, ensuring that both the Grants Management and Program perspectives are incorporated into the foundation’s use of technology and innovation within systems and processes.

  • Advising and Training: Grants Officers focus on specific areas of expertise within the Grants Management portfolio of work and act as consultants and teachers. Ranging from data analysis, forecasting and planning, and knowledge sharing to developing and deploying learning modules, Grants Officers actively seek ways to share their expert knowledge and create resources and tools to support the foundation’s staff, values, culture, and goals. This includes taking an analytical and problem-solving approach to improve how the foundation collects, curates, and uses data and information about its grants and grantees.

  • Project Management: Grants Officers lead projects of various sizes and at all levels to advance best practices and goals at the foundation. This includes establishing scope, timeline, and budget for projects, as well as building and managing project teams. As project managers, Grants Officers foster and facilitate inclusion and consensus-building, while also putting forth their own point of view and ensuring project goals are achieved.

Ideal Candidate

The Grants Officer will be motivated by a passion for the Hewlett Foundation’s work and a drive for continuous learning and improvement. S/he will be a project manager, consultant, analyst, and problem solver with exacting standards and an eye towards creativity and innovation. This role requires an individual who can balance strong attention to detail and analytical skills with an engaging, consultative, relationship-focused approach to working with people.

Essential skills for consideration include a highly-tuned detail orientation, strategic thinking, and a process and system mindset. A successful Grants Officer will be adept at writing a scope of work, managing a project from inception to completion, and have an innate ability to prioritize and synthesize information in an analytical and systematic manner. A comfort with ambiguity and competing priorities is vital. Candidates should be exceptionally strong written and oral communicators, great listeners, and instinctual information sharers.

Strongly preferred is a familiarity with data systems and business process, especially as related to grantmaking. Experience implementing enterprise data systems is a plus. Experience with data analysis and data visualization are also highly valued.

Strong emotional intelligence is critical to the Grants Officer being able to build trust and relationships with and across teams. S/he will display a customer service-centered approach in all aspects of the work. Characteristics that will enrich the foundation’s culture and support success in this role include a sense of humility, innate curiosity, high integrity, a personable, can-do attitude, a proactive nature, and a desire to learn and share expertise. As an internal consultant to various teams within the foundation, the Grants Officer will have the presence and confidence to facilitate conversations and advocate points of view, while also welcoming differing perspectives and the value that those bring.

Additional, Valued Qualifications Include:

  • Project management accreditation and/or equivalent experience
  • Financial or business analysis skills
  • Experience managing large scale projects
  • Knowledge of philanthropic best practices and due diligence processes
  • Well-developed facilitation and exceptional communication skills

A Bachelor’s Degree is required. Candidates should have a minimum of seven years of professional work experience. Some background in the non-profit or philanthropic sector is an advantage.

To Apply

The Hewlett Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes a diverse pool of candidates for this search. All qualified candidates are encouraged to submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest and fit for the role, at:

The search for an Grants Officer for The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is being assisted by a team from Waldron:

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