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Goals and Outcomes | Racial Equity Action Institute


  • Create a network of racial equity specialists and leaders seeking to connect to a deeper purpose within ourselves and to create community with each other
  • Create a space to reflect and learn from each other and to craft approaches to the challenges of advancing racial equity and DEI within our institutions
  • Sharpen our collective analysis and understanding of racial inequities in the Bay Area
  • Acquire tools, resources, and knowledge to advance racial equity and DEI -- personally, institutionally, and in our communities
  • Apply the knowledge we gain and create action plans to move our institutions on racial equity and DEI

What will you get out of participating in the REA Institute?

  • Opportunities to reflect on your personal agency and to grow your effectiveness to work on racial equity and DEI
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded specialists and leaders across sectors to build a network of colleagues for support and advice
  • Hear from field leaders and community experts across multiple sectors on racial equity and DEI
  • 1:1 coaching between sessions with Alice Y. Hom, NCG Director, Equity and Social Justice  
  • Tools, resources, and knowledge to advance racial equity--personally, institutionally, and in our communities
  • Participants will leave with personal leadership development and institutional action plans to move racial equity efforts based on their respective situations

We’re looking for people who:

  • Are responsible for the implementation of racial equity and DEI efforts at their current institution;
  • Have a level of influence/authority to introduce new ideas, programs and understand their institution’s operations, systems, programs, and leadership structure;
  • Embrace reflection and are open to being challenged/inspired by different ideas on practicing racial equity and DEI work;
  • Seek a space to connect with others for support, to build relationships, and to problem-solve on racial equity and DEI challenges.

Our ideal cohort will be comprised of 15-20 people representing a broad range of demographics within the business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropy sectors. We are intentional about creating a space where people whose lived experiences informs their understanding of racial equity as it's playing out today and encourage them to apply.