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Resources from Census 2020: Uniting for a Common Cause (Oct 2018)

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The Census happens just once every 10 years but its outcomes have serious ramifications. In our October 18 program, we heard from an expert panel of speakers who shared insight on all things Census.

2018 November California Fires: How to Help

Release Date: 
As of November 20, the Camp Fire has taken 79 lives and 12,637 homes. Evacuation orders have sent tens of thousands of people in the region from their homes. We will keep this site updated with information on how to help.

2018 August California Fires: How to Help

Release Date: 
California's summer fire storms are threatening thousands of additional structures and tens of thousands have moved to safety. Evacuation orders remain in place in some of these locations. Some have been allowed to return, others have not, and the...

Equity and Recovery: Redwood Complex Fires

Release Date: 
Natural disasters are the great equalizers, razing a cruel path regardless of income, heritage, or history. When the firestorm blazed through Redwood and Potter Valleys on the night of October 8 th over 7,000 residents fled, leaving behind a...

Disaster Doesn’t Have to Be a Crisis—One Foundation’s Big Insight

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In the aftermath of the fires which devastated Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties, NCG spoke with members about their disaster funding interests and strategies. One such conversation – with Claire Solot , Managing Director of the...


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