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Giving More, Making Change.

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In 2012 FACT made final grants to its portfolio of grantees. As planned, the foundation spent out its endowment as part of a strategy to have the most impact within a fixed period of time. This website, developed from the report, Giving More. Making Change. A Journey in Progressive Grant Making , is presented here to document FACT’s work, principles and its impact over almost 18 years of existence.

The Time is Now for Justice Reform In California

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Our criminal justice system is broken. It disproportionately impacts and targets communities of color and poor communities, and costs California taxpayers billions a year, money that could otherwise be directed towards more fruitful investments in...

When the Movement Calls, Will We Hear It?

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I recently took the BART to San Francisco International Airport, but I wasn’t trying to catch a plane. I went to join the thousands of people who protested at airports around the country in response to the president’s executive action banning...

Ban the Box

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If you live in California, chances are you have heard of Ban the Box legislation. Following the momentum the campaign has received all across the country, many foundations and philanthropic organizations are urging this movement to come to fruition...


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