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Education: STEM


Resources from More Than Tech: A Workforce Approach Towards Inclusion for Young Adults

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In our program on April 24th, The San Francisco Foundation shared the success of their program Bay Area Codes , an exciting multi-year cohort of eight tech-related organizations working to increase economic equity in the Bay Area region. These organizations seek to give low-income and youth of color access to an inclusive tech ecosystem, featuring culturally-competent computer science curriculums, mentorships, leadership development, and access to professional networks and job opportunities. This briefing showcased the development of the Bay Area Codes cohort, its progress to date, and an...

NCG Member Takes on Gender Disparities in Science

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Although women make up almost 50% of the physics students in high school, physics and astronomy have the lowest percentages of women professionals out of all STEM fields. The Heising-Simons Foundation is helping to increase the percentage - hear...
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