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27 May 2015

NCG 2015 Annual Conference

May 27, 2015 -
7:30am to 5:00pm
Hotel Nikko
Join us on for the 2015 NCG Annual Conference as we explore how the philanthropic sector can move discussion of ideas and challenges to developing real-world solutions to cultivate healthier, thriving communities here in northern California.
02 Dec 2014

California’s Tomorrow: A Framework for Improving the Lives of Young Males of Color

December 2, 2014 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm
San Francisco Foundation
Young men and boys of color are among the fastest-growing segments of our state’s population, representing almost three quarters of all males under age 18 in California. Recently several member foundations have refined a way to think about and...

Resources from Stockton Reinvention Tour Webinar | Economic Empowerment: Basic Income Demonstration & Workforce Access

Publication date: 
NCG in partnership with the City of Stockton is offering several opportunities to have more in depth exchanges about the eight strategies that constitute the vision for a resurgent Stockton. On Thursday, October 11th, NCG and the City of Stockton hosted a discussion on the Economic Empowerment/Workforce Access efforts of the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) , the first city-level Guaranteed Income demonstration program in the country. This special 1-hour webinar featured Mayor Michael Tubbs and Lori Ann Ospina, who is leading the SEED...

Resources from More Than Tech: A Workforce Approach Towards Inclusion for Young Adults

Publication date: 
In our program on April 24th, The San Francisco Foundation shared the success of their program Bay Area Codes , an exciting multi-year cohort of eight tech-related organizations working to increase economic equity in the Bay Area region. These organizations seek to give low-income and youth of color access to an inclusive tech ecosystem, featuring culturally-competent computer science curriculums, mentorships, leadership development, and access to professional networks and job opportunities. This briefing showcased the development of the Bay Area Codes cohort, its progress to date, and an...

Jobs for All: The Movement to Restore Employment Rights for Formerly Incarcerated People

Publication date: 
NCG member The Rosenberg Foundation recently released a new report on the movement to restore employment rights to formerly incarcerated people. This report, Jobs for All: The Movement to Restore Employment Rights for Formerly Incarcerated People , provides an overview of this powerful movement led by formerly incarcerated people and the most significant policy wins to date and outlining the priorities that are essential for expanding employment opportunities.

Resources from Advancing Economic Opportunity for Black Communities

Publication date: 
Black communities have been particularly hard hit by the rising tide of inequality in today’s economy. Participants joined us for an exciting briefing that will feature Kimberly Freeman Brown, Sean Thomas Breitfeld, Linda Burnham and Steven Pitts, the authors of two important reports on the state of Black workers. Titled And Still I Rise and #Black Workers Matter, these two groundbreaking reports offer numerous lessons for funders who are interested in expanding economic opportunity for African American communities. We also heard from local leaders about the launch of the Bay Area Black...

Resources from BAHFG Program: ACA and the Intersectionality of Health and Workforce

Publication date: 
On September 25, 2015 members of the Bay Area Health Funders Group and professionals in the Workforce and Education field, gathered to explore the implications of the ACA on the health workfoce, local community entities, and educational and health institutions. The following are the resources from the program: Health Care Transformation and Workforce Development: Emerging Opportunities Presentation by Kevin Barnett Co-Director, California Health Workforce Alliance (CHWA) Local Initiatives in Response to ACA/ EMS Corps Presentation by Alex Briscoe Agency...

Resources from #YesWeCode: A Special Briefing with Van Jones

Publication date: 
Hosted by NCG, Marin Community Foundation and Rebuild the Dream, this briefing featured Van Jones and other movement leaders exploring Tech's diversity problem and how #YesWeCode endeavors to address it.


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