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Financial Analysis

Over the past three years, NCG’s Financial Analysis Series for Grantmakers has become wildly popular, attracting hundreds of participants interested in honing their financial assessment skills. In 2014, we added a new track for senior program and foundation staff to explore new and innovative ways to increase funding to support programs and organizations.

NCG’s Financial Analysis for Grantmakers series is broken into three sections:

  • Financial Analysis 101: Nonprofit Financial BasicsA three part webinar series designed to increase your comfort level in reading and interpreting nonprofit financial statements.
  • Financial Analysis 201: Assessing Nonprofit Financial Health. A workshop designed to provide participants with the tools to understand nonprofit financial health, especially in uncertain economic times.
  • Financial Analysis 301: Scaling Impact Beyond the Dollars. A workshop designed to help senior program and foundation staff explore new and innovative ways to increase funding to support programs/organizations.

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Financial Analysis Resources

June, 2018

What does it take for a nonprofit to move from surviving to thriving? And, what kind of support can funders provide to meaningfully shift the trajectory of an organization? To most effectively deploy game-changing grants (capacity, operating, and infusions of capital – alongside project and program grants) funders must understand the intersection of strategy, financial health, and the needs of the whole enterprise. In our fourth and final Financial Management session with FMA on June 5, 2018, we explored several foundation approaches to leveraging the right kinds of grants at the right times. 

May, 2018

A nonprofit with adequate financial resources not only raises enough revenue to cover core operating expenses, but also maintains funds in reserve to buffer the organization against future uncertainty. In our third Financial Management session with FMA on May 3, 2018, we explored the importance of the right mix of financial resources in ensuring financial resilience, as well as the critical role of another resource key to a nonprofit’s success: its people. We also explored what a successful leadership team looks like and how funders can support their grantees in developing leadership capacity, especially in the finance realm.

March, 2018

In uncertain times, it’s important for nonprofit organizations to plan for contingencies and anticipate both short- and long-term needs. Financial planning, which ranges from annual budgeting to multi-year projections, is about connecting programmatic goals to resource decisions. And while a strong financial planning function is critical, many organizations struggle to assess and refine strategy on an ongoing and “adaptive” basis. In this session, we explored the skills and tools nonprofits must develop if they are to build their financial planning “muscle” and how funders can support them in this process.