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System Change Investing: What, Why, and How?

Monday, September 20, 2021 -
11:00am to 12:15pm PDT
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How can institutions and individuals go beyond conventional investing and rethink how investment decisions can better address complex problems such as income inequality and climate change on a deep, systemic level? Join us to hear from leading thinkers and authors at the frontier of investing and impact who will introduce the concept of system-level investing, and share context, tools, and approaches for the California philanthropic and financial community.

Lisa Kleissner has spent time thinking deeply about systems in this current moment. Over the course of her laudable career, she has had in co-creating or leading the KL Felicitas Foundation, Hawaiʻi Investment Ready, Toniic Institute, The Philanthropy Workshop, and Social-Impact International.

Bill Burckart and Jon Lukomnik will share what system change investing means for investors, asset managers, asset owners, and others in the financial ecosystem. 

Bill and Jon will be joined in conversation with Lisa, who will help illuminate the ways foundations and other kinds of investors can put theory into action.


Monique Aiken, Managing Director, Mission Investors Exchange

Monique is passionate about social change and positive impact after spending 15 years in investment banking, where she developed her understanding of the capital markets. She is a Contributing Editor at ImpactAlpha, an online news magazine for the impact investing sector, and VP of Programs at Mission Investors Exchange, a network organization for +250 members seeking to deepen their practice of impact investing through peer-learning. Prior to joining Mission Investors Exchange, Monique help leadership positions with Tideline, a boutique impact investing strategy consulting firm, the Clinton Foundation for No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, Deutsche Bank’s Commodity Derivatives Sales group, Citigroup, and Bank of America.

William Burckart, President & COO, The Investment Integration Project (TIIP)

The Investment Integration Project (TIIP) is a consulting service and applied research firm that provides advice, thought leadership, and a turnkey solution to help investors manage systemic risks and opportunities. William Burckart has advised a range of clients, including investment management firms, private foundations, and endowments, government and major industry bodies, working with them to integrate impact and investment goals through the development and implementation of related strategies. He has also contributed to the field through groundbreaking research, including the development of market insights and practical guidance for investors and financial advisors in collaboration with the Money Management Institute (MMI); co-editing the New Frontiers of Philanthropy: A Guide to the New Tools and Actors that Are Reshaping Global Philanthropy and Social Investing (Oxford University Press), and helping to write the “Status of the Social impact investing Market: A Primer” (UK Cabinet Office) that was distributed to policymakers at the inaugural G8-level forum on impact investing. His writing has been featured in Barron’s, Pensions & Investments, The Guardian, Forbes, Quartz, top1000funds, Investment & Pensions Europe (I&PE), Benefits & Pensions, InvestmentNews, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), ImpactAlpha, CSRwire, Alliance, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, FundFire and Next Billion to name a few. William Burckart is a fellow of the High Meadows Institute and co-author of the book 21st Century Investing: Redirecting Financial Strategies to Drive Systems Change (Berrett-Koehler, 2021).

Lisa Kleissner, Co-founder & President

Growing up in Hawaiʻi, I learned how to “dance” between the indigenous and western cultures of my Hawaiian father and my Haole mother. The indigenous concepts of reciprocity, abundance, and scarcity, and how these concepts play out in a remote island economy, inform my local and global work, both with how I am present in that work and how I influence the investment of my familyʻs assets. Island economies are the “canary “in the global coal mine. Our ancestors showed us how to live sustainably on our planet. How can we acknowledge and honor their wisdom in our daily practice? Organizations I have had a hand in co-creating and/or leading: the KL Felicitas Foundation, Hawaiʻi Investment Ready, Toniic Institute, The Philanthropy Workshop, and Social-Impact International. I am an Advisory Board and Investment Committee member of Aqua-Spark and a board member of Real Good Fish. Advisory roles include Criterion Institute Gender-Based Violence Advisory Committee and the Industree Foundation. In my hometown, I serve as the Treasurer of the Community Association of Big Sur. When I am not writing, researching coaching, or presenting, in order to move the impact agenda forward, I spend time being in a state of awe about how lucky we are to be a part of a growing movement of conscious leaders who envision and are actively building a better world.

Jon Lukomnik, Author

Forbes calls long-time institutional investor Jon Lukomnik one of the pioneers of modern corporate governance. Jon Lukomnik’s new book, “Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Investing That Matters” ( is co-authored with Jim Hawley. Their work focuses on MPT’s inability to deal with systematic risk, and how investors can and do mitigate risks such as climate change, income inequality, lack of diversity, and anti-microbial resistance. In the process, they are redefining what it means to “invest”. The managing partner of Sinclair Capital LLC, a strategic consultancy to institutional investors, Jon Lukomnik served for more than a decade as the executive director of the IRRC Institute and is a former Pembroke Visiting Professor at the Judge Business School at Cambridge. He co-founded the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and GovernanceMetrics International (now part of MSCI). He has been the investment advisor or a trustee for more than $100 billion (including New York City’s pension funds) and has consulted to institutional investors with aggregate assets of $1 trillion dollars. He is a member of the Deloitte Audit Quality Advisory Committee and a trustee on the Van Eck mutual funds, insurance trusts and UCITs. He is a former Senior Fellow for the High Meadows Institute and was a member of the Standing Advisory Group of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Jon Lukomnik is also the co-author of two previous books, What They Do with Your Money and “The New Capitalists (Financial Times pick of the year). He has been honored by the ICGN, Council of Institutional Investors, Ethisphere, the National Association of Corporate Directors, Transparency Task Force, and Global Proxy Watch, among others.


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