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NCG CEO Series presents | Economic Inequality Media Project: A Special Briefing with Robert B. Reich

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 -
8:30am to 10:00am PDT
The California Endowment
1111 Broadway 7th Floor, Oakland, CA
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In recent years, the widening inequalities of income and wealth have gained unprecedented public awareness. Yet studies show that many Americans don't comprehend the depth of the problem or its devastating impact on our economy and democracy. At this critical point, there is great need for the public to understand the bigger picture--how widening inequality threatens democracy, undermines the economy, and affects us all. Historically, periods of reform have relied on an informed and motivated public, and that is what we need now if we're going to achieve meaningful change.

As a follow up to NCG's Annual Conference, we are welcoming back former Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich and filmmaker Jake Kornbluth to share their latest work. Building on the success of their award winning film, Inequality for All, they are launching the "Economic Inequality Media Project" to educate and mobilize the public around the growing challenge of widening wealth and income inequality. The project includes a series of short videos, movie screening events, partnerships with educational and nonprofit organizations, and extensive social media dissemination.

Foundation leaders are invited to learn about this exciting work. Attendees will also hear how funders are working together to support a tax reform strategy that seeks to increase the assets of lower-income households through the Asset Funders Network's Tax Policy Project.


Robert B. Reich

Jake Kornbluth