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Make It Fair: Policy Change for an Equitable California

Friday, October 16, 2015 -
9:00am to 1:00pm PDT
San Francisco Foundation
One Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400 San Francisco, CA 94111
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Inadequate and unstable funding for public services has contributed to growing economic and social inequities in California. Weakened public systems and shrinking safety net programs limit opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color. More equitable policies expand or redirect public revenues to benefit communities in need.

A leading revenue-generating contender for the 2016 ballot is Proposition 13 reform, also known as a “Split-Roll Property Tax.” California voters passed Prop. 13 in 1978 to limit the taxable value of properties and how much that value could rise from year to year. While the policy has provided important protections for some low-income homeowners and renters, it has also enabled many corporations and wealthy commercial property owners to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes. Tax loopholes like this mean that Californians lose vital funding for schools as well as for local services like police, fire, parks, transportation and other priorities. Make It Fair is a growing coalition of community, faith-based, civil rights and labor groups working together to close commercial property tax loopholes and use the revenue to rebuild critical services in local communities.

The San Francisco Foundation (TSFF), in collaboration with partners from Northern California Grantmakers, and the Asset Funders Network is hosting a briefing for funders and invited community partners on the need for new public revenues in California, Prop. 13 and the Make it Fair campaign. The briefing will include a panel of TSFF's community partners who are leaders in the Make it Fair campaign, including representatives from California Budget and Policy Center, California Calls, and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote. The event will provide funders and grantees with opportunities for strategic investments to impact policy change in 2016 as well as an understanding of how community organizations can work together to access public revenues and/or support reform measures in 2016.

Join Us To:

  • Learn more about the Make It Fair campaign
  • Understanding the need for new public revenue in California to benefit low income communities and communities of color.
  • Understand how community organizations can work together to access public revenues and/or support reform measures in 2016.

Featured Speakers:

Steven Bliss, Director of Strategic Communications, California Budget and Policy Center 
Anthony Thigpenn, President, California Calls
Mario Yedidia, Political Coordinator, San Francisco Rising (Invited)
Aparna Shah, Executive Director, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote
Francesca Vietor, Program Director, Environment, Public Policy and Civic Engagement, The San Francisco Foundation
Judith Bell, Vice President of Programs, The San Francisco Foundation

Target Audience:

This event is open to funders and community partners interested in Proposition 13 reform.

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