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Legal Incubators: Strengthening Communities through Access to Justice

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 -
9:30am to 11:00am PDT
James Irvine Foundation
One Bush Street, Suite 800, San Francisco
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For people of modest means, access to legal assistance can be the only way to address an injustice or solve a problem - wage theft, eviction, family law and child dependency, immigration and naturalization, to name a few.
Unfortunately, legal aid is out of reach for most of the working poor. The average rate for an attorney in the Bay Area is between $255-$520/hour, but for many, incomes that barely
make ends meet are still too high to be eligible for legal aid. 
The result? Too many are forced to face solvable legal problems without a qualified advocate.

Legal incubators are an innovative approach to making legal services available to those who would not otherwise have access to the justice they deserve. By linking two crucial partners— folks of modest means and law school graduates with a passion for serving their communities —legal incubators train and support new lawyers to deliver affordable solutions for those who need it most. 

Join Us To

  • Learn about the innovative approach legal incubators are taking to increase access to legal aid. 
  • The unique role that grantmakers can play in the expansion of legal incubators. 



Please RSVP here, by June 20, 2016.    


Want to learn more? Please email with any inquiries. 

About Legal Services Funders Network 

The LSFN is a network of funders who support the work of legal services organizations. Founded in late 2014 by a few funders, the LSFN currently has over 30 organizations participating. Our group is multi-sectorial, as we have funders from community foundations, private foundations, law firm foundations, corporate foundations, government, crowd-source funders, individuals, and DAF holders. The LSFN provides learning opportunities, information and peer networking.  Please visit our website at


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