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GEO-Philanthropy CA Member Call: How Internal Culture Affects External Practice

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:15pm PDT
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Our philanthropic practices, including how we interact with each other and with our partners, are an expression of our organizational culture. It’s important that we take time to consider how our cultures affect who we are in the world, and that we see where we might be able to make changes that will allow us to align our culture and behaviors. There is no clear answer or formula to building a productive organizational culture; it emerges through thoughtfulness and attention.

While culture can be an amorphous topic, this call will allow participants to hear from Carrie Avery, a longtime philanthropic leader in California, who holds organizational culture as key to the success of her foundation. After hearing from Carrie about how the Durfee Foundation’s values are demonstrated in their philanthropic practice, we will invite discussion among participants by addressing the questions participants are wrestling with concerning culture.

Join us to dig deep into how best to support your efforts to build, sustain, and strengthen a productive culture in your organization that in turn allows you to be the act externally with integrity towards your values and intended impacts.

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Please note: this call is for GEO members located in California and members of NCG, SCG, or SDG only.

Discussion Leaders

  • Carrie Avery, The Durfee Foundation
  • Kate Seely, Northern California Grantmakers
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