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Fireside Chat Part 2 | Liberate Your Foundation: Lessons from POC, Queer, and Allied Foundation Leaders

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm PST
Northern California Grantmakers
160 Spear Street, Suite 360 | San Francisco, CA 94105
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How was philanthropic wealth created in the first place? Who should lead foundations? Who gets to decide how wealth is distributed?  Philanthropy is undergoing a moment of reckoning, with many inside and outside the sector questioning the way that institutional cultures reinforce white supremacist norms that for too long have prevented us from having honest conversations. At the nexus of these conversations is the role of strategic communications--how do you speak honestly while at the same time offering learning opportunities for key stakeholders?  What are specific practices that shift power to communities to set policy, design programs, and make key decisions? 

This is the second of two fireside chats that will dig into some hard truths about the challenges we face when we try to liberate philanthropy. This session is a conversation between POC, Queer, and allied foundation presidents and executive directors and is designed for all people, with a focus on POC, Queer, and female-presenting philanthropic professionals. 

We hope you'll join us directly after the program from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm for a casual happy hour to continue the conversation.

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Carlos Aguilar, Chief Content Director, California ChangeLawyers

What should a leader look like? How can we restore power and wealth to our communities? These are the questions that motivate Carlos's work.

He imagines a future where leadership is Brown, Black, Queer, Non Binary, and Undocumented; a future where communities have the power to determine their own lives.

​At ChangeLawyers℠, Carlos serves as the foundation's primary designer, curates the popular weekly newsletter NEWS BRIEF, and ghostwrites the foundation's opinion essays. In 2019, he co-created the inaugural Leaders Summit, a sold out, day long gathering of over 200 social justice lawyers. In 2018, he co-develop the organization’s new name, brand, and visual identity with Mission Minded.

Carlos is also involved in efforts to redefine what a philanthropist looks like. He's a member of Latino Community Foundation's LGBTQ Giving Circle, where he and his fellow queer philanthropists have funded organizations like Oasis Legal Services, El/La Para TransLatinas, and Somos Familia. 

Besides liberating wealth and power, his obsessions include baking layer cakes, Mexico City, and the color yellow.

Glen Galaich, Chief Executive Officer, Stupski Foundation

Glen is the CEO of the Stupski Foundation, a private foundation intent on spending down all of its assets by 2029 to achieve the greatest possible impact in the communities the Foundation calls home. At Stupski, Glen is responsible for leading the overall spend down strategy as well as overseeing the programmatic focus areas and operations of the Foundation.

Glen previously served as CEO of The Philanthropy Workshop, whose mission was to educate, inspire, and activate a peer network of effective, engaged, and innovative philanthropists. His career in strategic philanthropy started with the founding team of the Global Philanthropy Forum, where he was responsible for launching the first and second Conferences on Borderless Giving. He also served at Human Rights Watch as the deputy director of development for North America, where he had strategic oversight of the Human Rights Watch Council, a network of supporters and opinion leaders committed to raising money for, and awareness of, human rights in five major cities.

Glen has written and published on the role of ethnicity in the formation of political parties and human rights and in the use of political violence and repression in sub-Saharan Africa.

Glen holds a Ph.D. and a Masters from the University of Colorado at Boulder in political science, and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California at San Diego.

Chris Punongbayan, Executive Director, California ChangeLawyers

Christopher Punongbayan is the Executive Director of ChangeLawyers℠, a statewide foundation whose mission is to build a better justice system for all Californians.

Over the last twenty years, Chris has gained deep experience in social justice issues. He profoundly believes in giving voice to the unheard, breaking down barriers, and creating strategic alliances to advance equity. Prior to joining the ChangeLawyers℠, Chris was the executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus and held positions at Northern California Grantmakers, Positive Resource Center, and Filipino Advocates for Justice.

Currently, Chris serves on the California Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Affairs, KQED's Community Advisory Panel, and is the Treasurer of the Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Action Fund. A native of Massachusetts and the son of immigrants from the Philippines, Chris graduated cum laude from Brown University with a degree in Asian American Studies and UCLA School of Law where he completed the Critical Race Studies concentration and the Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy.

In 2003, Chris received a scholarship from ChangeLawyers℠, which first set him on his social justice path in California. He has never looked back. Since then, Chris' accomplishments have earned him recognition from the New Voices Fellowship, the Gerbode Foundation, and the Levi Strauss Foundation, which named him a Pioneer in Justice.

Lateefah Simon, President, Akonadi Foundation 

Lateefah Simon is the President of Akonadi Foundation, which nurtures movement building to advance racial justice in Oakland. A nationally recognized advocate for civil rights, Lateefah brings over 20 years of executive experience advancing opportunities for communities of color and low-income communities in the Bay Area. Before joining Akonadi, she was Program Director for the San Francisco-based Rosenberg Foundation.

Lateefah has received numerous awards for her work, including the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, the Jefferson Award for extraordinary public service, and in 2017 ‘Most Promising New Foundation President’ by Inside Philanthropy. Lateefah was elected to the Bart Board of Directors and Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to the California State University’s Board of Trustees in 2016. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Tipping Point.

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