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Feeling the Impact: Personal & Organizational Integration of Crises Part 2

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 -
10:00am to 11:30am PDT
Zoom Meeting
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About the Series:

In this Feeling the Impact Series, we will explore how our need for safety, dignity, and the right relationship deeply influence how we navigate crises. The past six months have brought unparalleled disruption and loss that has affected every aspect of our personal, organizational, and communal lives. Intermingled with the grief of losing hundreds of thousands of precious lives, we are experiencing the traumatic loss of livelihoods, homes, businesses, and beloved landscapes as wildfires whip across broad swaths of our state. Many of us still harbor disturbing memories of the devastating wildfires of recent years. Others are also carrying the gravity of events at the heart of the racial uprisings. All of these place demands on our bodies, hearts, and minds as well as our relationships, our organizations, and the systems in which we operate.

Part 2: Psychological First Aid: Showing Up for Yourself and Your Communities During Crises

Have you been feeling on edge or checked out and numb more often than normal lately? How do we accommodate our own emotions in a healthy way and also show up as a supportive and grounding presence to our grantee-partners on the frontlines of crisis response? Crisis after crisis and the constant uncertainty create high levels of prolonged stress for all of us, which impacts how our brain responds to events around us. In this second session, we will equip you with easy to use concrete practices to regulate our brains and bodies that will help you become a more available, grounded, and resourced force for good. This session is for everyone interested in gaining an understanding of what happens to us in crises and what we can do to quickly find our way back to a resourceful place.

Join us to: 

  • access concrete practices 
  • gain an understanding of what happens to us in crises
  • learn about our fight, flight, appease, freeze, or dissociate responses


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Simone Torrey, Certified Conflict Mediator and Integral Facilitator
Simone is a certified conflict mediator and integral facilitator who supports people, organizations, and communities through complex conflicts and transitions towards co-creating life-affirming cultures for all. Her work is grounded in a deep respect for all living beings, which was shaped by her experiences traveling, living, and working all over the world for over 20 years. She is a deep listener and systems thinker, who sees the partial truth in all points of view, which gives participants the experience of being seen and allows her to weave a more nuanced picture for all. From a history of childhood trauma, she has developed a deep and broad toolkit of practices to resource herself and support others in the midst of conflict and chaos. Simone holds an MA in Leadership, Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from Saint Mary’s College of California. Find out more about Simone at
Bobby Lyle, Facilitator, Coach, and Wellness Consultant
Bobby is a facilitator, coach, and wellness consultant. His relaxed and natural way of being makes his work accessible and relatable, while maintaining awareness of somatic experiential learning. He has a varied skill-set from Integral Facilitator, and NLP master practitioner to bodyworker, personal trainer, and Gyrotonic instructor. The combination of these tools helps create a holistic learning environment. Bobby has worked with a wide range of clients around the world. He is fueled by a passion to help individuals and organizations identify and embrace their potential to become their fullest selves. Find out more about Bobby at

Target Audience

This program is open to members of NCG, San Diego Grantmakers, and Southern California Grantmakers. Nonmember funders are also welcome. 

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