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CCJFG Funder Education Series, Part 3 | Grassroots Organizing

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 -
2:30pm to 4:00pm PDT
Zoom Webinar
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What does it take to win in the fight to end prisons and criminalization? This year, we have seen historic victories from ending police contracts in Oakland’s schools to a plan to close the country’s largest jail facility in Los Angeles. These wins are the result of decades of organizing by communities directly impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex, often happening outside of the spotlight and without adequate funding. In the last session of CCJFG’s 2020 Funder Education Series, we will focus on grassroots organizing: what it entails and why it is central to movement building. We will hear directly from organizers throughout the state about key lessons, including how to prioritize healing and how to organize while incarcerated. We will learn about the importance of funding all aspects of grassroots organizing,from meeting people’s basic needs to base building to policy wins, and how philanthropy can most effectively support the longevity and dignity of movements centered on whole people.  

Please join the California Criminal Justice Funders Group for our 2020 Funder Education Series designed to deepen understanding and engagement of terms commonly heard within the criminal justice field. Our goal is to support funders in aligning themselves with the principles, strategies, and vision of movements and communities fighting against prisons and criminalization, and for the liberation and dignity of system-impacted communities and all people.

Movement leaders from various organizations throughout the state will lead each session, and will utilize an intersectional framework in which to discuss topics through multiple lenses. The series will be accessible online and open to all CCJFG members. 

Past Sessions

  • Prison Industrial Complex Abolition: A conversation amongst funders and organizers about abolition as a vision and practice for creating lasting and liberatory alternatives to criminalization, punishment, and imprisonment. You can watch this webinar here.
  • Healing Justice: A conversation about healing justice as a framework and practice within organizing and philanthropy that addresses the need for a systemic view of healing and practices to promote resilience and safety and build the foundation for strong movements and organizations. View the webinar here


  • Tamu Jones, The California Endowment 
  • Abraham Medina, California Alliance For Youth and Community Justice 
  • Romarilyn Ralston, California Coalition for Women Prisoners
  • Alex Tom, Center for Empowered Politics (Moderator)

Target Audience 

This program is open to NCG members and CCJFG members only. 

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