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Building a More Disaster Resilient Future in our Communities: A Conversation Among Grantmakers

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 -
10:00am to 11:30am PDT
Northern California Grantmakers
160 Spear Street, Suite 360 | San Francisco, CA 94105
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As climate-related disasters are increasingly affecting our health, livelihoods, and social fabric, how might philanthropic investment build greater community disaster resilience to preserve and sustain the hard-earned socioeconomic gains in our communities?

Northern California Grantmakers invites you to this gathering of grantmakers to share innovative strategies and best practices that build on community strength and resilience to better prepare for, respond to, and thrive after a disaster. 

This gathering will involve conversations around a few key questions:

  • What are the key predictors of community disaster resilience?
  • What innovative strategies and best practices you would like your peers to know? 
  • Based on your past experiences, what worked and what didn’t?
  • How are you thinking about disaster-related grantmaking in the future? Will you stay on course or shift strategies?  
  • How can philanthropy better address the pre-disaster and post-disaster needs of communities that are at risk of disasters?

Please join us for an insightful conversation with your peers. If you are a seasoned grantmaker in funding disaster resilience or a grantmaker who is trying to understand how you can better invest in this space, this gathering is for you!  


Alan Kwok, PhD, Director of Disaster Resilience, Northern California Grantmakers

Alan seeks to strengthen and galvanize the philanthropy sector in California around investments in community-based disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. He brings to his role a wealth of experiences in community health, youth and workforce development, and disaster management. He managed a FEMA award-winning community resilience initiative in the Bay Area American Red Cross, and researched community disaster resilience. Heearned his PhD in emergency management at the Joint Centre for Disaster Research (JCDR) at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. His research is published in World Bank and government publications, as well as in peer-reviewed journals. 

Target Audience

This event is open to NCG members and non-member funders. 

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