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Asset-Framing in a Time of Crisis

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 -
10:00am to 12:00pm PDT
Zoom Webinar
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Learn about the power of narrative frames and how to use that power in this time of crisis. This workshop explores a new way to think and talk about constituents and community. It will encourage us to think differently about our neighbors and work in a Bay Area that has shown great potential for this kind of cultural change. However, many of us are not schooled in Asset-Framing and, as a result, unintentionally contribute to negative frames and images of the people we are interested in supporting and, in turn, make systemic change more difficult to achieve.

Leading the trainings is Trabian Shorters, an innovative thought leader who trains changemakers on the application of breakthroughs in cognition, decision-making, and framing to engender greater engagement, equity and impact across race. He calls this practice "Asset-Framing." Moving away from focusing on communities’ challenges and deficits, Shorters’ approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and impact is based on communities’ stories, aspirations and contributions.

In a time of crisis like this one, Trabian poses that three groups always arise: Builders, Fixers and Exploiters. Fixers are those most concerned with ensuring survival and restoring status quo. Exploiters use fear and desperation to advance self-serving agendas. Builders are those most concerned with thinking about how to use the current devastation as a way to build new systems interrupted by the crisis. As people look to their authority sources to determine what level of concern they should have, we can set a tone, share solutions, communicate and engage audiences in both fixing and building our systems, as well as discrediting exploiters.

Staff of nonprofits, intermediaries, and foundations are all welcome and encouraged to join this session!


Trabian Shorters is a New York Times bestselling author, social entrepreneur, and the leading authority on an award-winning approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and impact called “Asset-Framing.”

His pioneering work in Asset-Framing earned Shorters recognition as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, as well as prestigious Ford Foundation, Ashoka and Aspen Institute fellowships. Senior leadership teams of iconic social impact organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Schools Venture Fund and The Heinz Endowments request Asset-Framing for their boards, staffs and grantees.

Shorters’ organization, BMe Community, proves the power of asset-framing by operating remarkable leadership fellowships for Black men and women. BMe Community’s 300+ Fellows have earned 67 major national awards and helped over 2 million families secure educational, economic, human rights, health and wellness opportunities. By acknowledging and supporting their incredible strength, leadership, and contributions, BMe has attracted 40,000 subscribers and proven a path to positive community engagement in matters of race, cities and America’s future.

Shorters is a retired tech entrepreneur, former vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and doting father to two brilliant, black twin girls who will live in the better world that we are making together for them.

Target Audience

This program is open to funders, intermediaries, and nonprofit organizations.





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