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Advancing Racial Equity: Zooming In on the Right Thing Breakout Session


Room Name:  Galápagos, 29th Floor

PolicyLink, FSG and JUST Capital co-founded the Corporate Racial Equity Alliance in 2020 to continue fueling the corporate racial equity movement and establish a common language and framework for antiracist, equitable businesses to build a just, equitable, and healthy nation for all. We invite corporate professionals to learn about the Alliance’s work, including the development of corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity. In this conversation, we will focus on the powerful role of corporations in creating a just, equitable, and healthy society for all. We will also discuss how CSR professionals can use their voice, leadership, philanthropy and power to address racial and economic inequities within the communities in which they operate. 


  • Shumeca Pickett, Managing Director, FSG 
  • Ajai Scott, Senior Consultant, FSG 
Date & Time: 
Wednesday, November 2, 2022 -
11:40am to 12:20pm PDT