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2014 NCG Annual Conference | Be the Change: Philanthropy and a Thriving Society for All

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 -
9:00am to 4:30pm PDT
Hotel Nikko
222 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA
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Featured keynote speakers



[Photo credit: Michael Collopy]

Robert B. Reich
Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy,
University of California at Berkeley
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor


Van Jones
President of Rebuild The Dream
—as seen on CNN Crossfire

Table of Contents

Program Description

Almost daily, there is news about the shifting demographics brought on by income inequality here in the Bay Area. As segments of our local economy and society are thriving, other populations face new challenges brought on by that same success.

This very palpable and charged conversation is happening in the media, at public hearings, and online. Recognizing that foundation grantees and the communities they serve are also feeling the effects of this economic environment, it is clear that the issues surrounding income inequality in our communities and how it affects grantmaking cannot be ignored.

Be The Change
At the end of 2013, President Obama stated that growing income inequality is the "defining challenge of our time." Given this widely-held belief, and if Bay Area communities offer an index for how the effects of such disparity can unfold-how does Philanthropy respond? This is the question we'll explore on April 8th at our 2014 Annual Conference.

Taking it to a Whole New Level
This year NCG is giving its Annual Meeting a complete makeover. NCG is pleased to partner with Alliance for Justice and the Neighborhood Funders Group to present a dynamic full-day conference.

For our inaugural Annual Conference we are pleased to feature two thought-provoking and engaging speakers: Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich and Rebuild the Dream President Van Jones. Both speakers will address how the issue of income inequality is impacting communities on a local and national scale.

All-Day Conference
In addition to our two keynote speakers, NCG's Annual Conference will include breakout sessions designed by staff, our partners Alliance for Justice and Neighborhood Funders Group, and NCG members to explore what is happening in our communities and how grantmakers are responding.

The conference will culminate with The Great Philanthropy Debate featuring debaters from our own philanthropic community. The Debate will be followed by a Happy Hour that begins at 4:30pm.

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Conference Schedule

Take a sneak peek at our soon-to-be finalized conference schedule.

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Breakout Sessions

Please note: Some of the breakout sessions have limited capacity. Please have a 2nd and 3rd choice session in mind. In order to ensure you can attend your 1st choice session, please get to your room before the session begins.

Morning Breakout Sessions
Assets Matter: Building Financial Empowerment
A brief overview of the asset-building field and its unique approach to poverty alleviation.
Barriers to Income Mobility: Employing the Formerly Incarcerated
Examining advocacy aimed at reducing unfair barriers to employment in the Bay Area and beyond.
Bridging the Skills Gap: How Companies Are Helping the Underserved Gain Meaningful Employment
Exploring approaches several companies are taking to provide targeted training for underserved communities.
By the Numbers: Overview of Income Inequality
A presentation of data from the past 30 years to show what has fueled income inequality.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions
A Conversation with Community Foundation Leaders
A fishbowl conversation with community foundation leaders as they discuss how their organizations are responding to the shifting economic landscape.
Addressing Inequality Through Tax Reform
A discussion on how the tax code drives inequality.
Breaking New Ground: Innovative Responses to Income Inequality
Exploring how four organizations are going beyond grantmaking to respond to community needs.
Foundation Support for Advocacy and Movement Building
A look at how funders are using movement building to address income inequality.
Organizing Voters to Win Big on Jobs and Housing
Hear how investments in long-term civic engagement infrastructure have resulted in community benefit agreements and more.

For more in-depth breakout session descriptions, click here.

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Early bird registration is now open until March 14th.

NCG/AFJ/NFG members: $175 [early bird]; $225 [after March 14th]

Non-member funders: $225 [early bird]; $275 [after March 14th]

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Who Can Attend

This conference is open to members of NCG, Alliance for Justice and Neighborhood Funders Group as well as non-member funders.

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NCG's Non-Solicitation Policy

Non-Member Participation Guidelines
NCG asks those who attend to adhere strictly to our policy of non-solicitation. Accordingly, all attendees are prohibited from engaging in ANY fundraising at this NCG event.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore the range of sponsorship levels available for this year's Annual Conference.

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