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CPI 2021 | Perspectives

The 2021 Corporate Philanthropy Institute: Make It So is almost here! Thank you for choosing to participate in sharing your thoughts with corporate attendees from the Bay Area and across the state of California. 


Perspectives, the title of these video interviews, aims to share a range of voices and perspectives about the experience of the year and a half through the lens of corporate philanthropy and CSR. We want you to reflect on your personal experiences of being limited in your movements and access; how you're dealing with COVID-19 and responding to the murders and uprising; and what makes you hopeful after more than a year of primarily being sheltered in place with brief glimmers of a return to normalcy. These perspectives are also intended to inspire and offer insights, approaches, ideas, and strategies for the role companies can play in both the recovery and in the racial justice space.


Please choose 3 - 5 questions to answer. You can choose all from one category or a mix from each of the different categories of questions. This is entirely up to you! Each answer should be no longer than 30 seconds.

Perspectives Questions

Corporate and Company Perspectives

These questions aim to let you share ideas and inspiration on what companies could and should do in this moment.

  • How do you think the experience of the last year will change corporate philanthropy in general and your work specifically?  
  • Where would like to see companies invest? What would you like companies to do or pursue in this moment? 
  • How does philanthropy offer hope? 

Personal and Human Perspectives

These questions aim to let you share your own personal experiences, hopes, and wishes. Feel free to expand on what you're experiencing and your desires for the future. 

  • There is a common frame we continue to grapple with, that "if someone grains, someone else loses." How do we overcome this frame to work together towards the common good? What role can companies and their philanthropy play?
  • Where have you drawn inspiration from nearby? What has inspired you from afar?  
  • What did you learn about yourself over the last year and a half?
    • What inspired you? What keeps you optimistic? 


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