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2020 Census Resources

The Census happens just once every 10 years but its outcomes have serious ramifications. In our October 18 program, we heard from an expert panel of speakers who shared insight on all things Census.

View Philanthropy CA's 2020 Census Senate infographic.

The changing demographics and political attitudes of the Central Valley - a traditionally conservative region of California - demand new strategies for community and civic engagement.

An accurate count of the U.S. population forms the basis for many important, but often overlooked political, economic, and social decisions that end up affecting our daily lives. Community Connect Labs' "2020 Census: How Local Governments And Nonprofits Can Ensure a Fair and Accurate Count" explores why 2020 is vital to California's future. 

This report provides an overview of the changing demographics of California in relation to census accuracy.

The United States Census is conducted every 10 years in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

This fact sheet shares why the Census is critical for the private sector and the economy. 

As California continues to prepare for the 2020 Census, it is easy to forget that redistricting comes immediately after.

Your foundation can play a role in engaging the business sector to help achieve a successful 2020
Census. The business community is a key voice, but initial outreach has revealed a gap in awareness.