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CCJFG Movement Advisor Roles and Expectations

Description of Movement Advisors 

In 2022, California CCJFG will introduce a cohort of 4 movement advisors to support the mission and vision of our work. Movement advisors were selected by the CCJFG Steering Committee to represent a range of focus areas across the movement to end prisons, policing, and criminalization, as well as a diversity of geographic locations throughout the state. CCJFG prioritized BIPOC people and those directly impacted by the criminal legal system; those with a desire, experience and/or familiarity in engaging in philanthropy; and people who work for an organization that has an active mission and/or campaign to address police and state violence, and to build models of community safety and justice and is aligned with CCJFG values.

Our desire to work with movement advisors is an effort to model our values of center[ing] and trust[ing] the experience, vision, and leadership of people directly impacted by incarceration and the criminal/legal systems, and encouraging philanthropic institutions to create meaningful collaborations with movement partners. CCJFG strives to act in solidarity with the movement to end prisons, policing, and criminalization, and our inclusion of movement advisors will support us in aligning with the priorities of grassroots movements for safety and justice, while organizing our partners in philanthropy to do the same. 

Movement Advisor Roles and Expectations

  • Commit to a two-year term from 2022-2024; with a conversation with CCJFG Coordinator and Co-chairs after one year to assess needs and commitments and make any necessary adjustments. 
  • Advisor role will begin in January 2022; with one possible onboarding meeting in late 2021 (TBD)
  • Commit to approximately 20 hours per year, through the following two avenues:
    • Advisors will participate in one annual, formal Movement Advisor Meeting at the beginning of each year to provide feedback on CCJFG’s strategic vision and annual work goals 
    • Advisors will be available for up to four informal, occasional check-ins by CCJFG Coordinator, Co-chairs, and/or Steering Committee Members regarding CCJFG work and programs, i.e. a phone meeting to ask advisors for feedback and direction on how philanthropy can support current issues in the movement 
  • Advisors are not in a decision-making role within CCJFG. We make this distinction to respect advisors capacities in their own organizations and lives and to emphasize CCJFG’s responsibility as a funder affinity group to educate and organize within field of philanthropy

Movement Advisor Compensation

  • Advisors will be paid a yearly stipend in the lump sum of $4,000 at the beginning of each year through CCJFG’s fiscal sponsor, Northern California Grantmakers