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Regional Vibrancy and Sustainability


Equity and Recovery: Redwood Complex Fires

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Natural disasters are the great equalizers, razing a cruel path regardless of income, heritage, or history. When the firestorm blazed through Redwood and Potter Valleys on the night of October 8 th over 7,000 residents fled, leaving behind a...

CEO Message | From Emergency Loans to Preventing Displacement: Marking a Transition in NCG’s Support of the Bay Area’s Nonprofit Sector

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More than 40 years ago, changes in federal funding practices undermined nonprofits dependent on those funds to maintain steady cash flow and financial stability. To address this, a group of local funders...
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Disaster Doesn’t Have to Be a Crisis—One Foundation’s Big Insight

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In the aftermath of the fires which devastated Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties, NCG spoke with members about their disaster funding interests and strategies. One such conversation – with Claire Solot , Managing Director of the...

The Stockton Few Have Seen: A Funder Perspective

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The City of Stockton is an example of the resilience and hope that make California a great state. It is a city known for its diversity and also for its challenges, such as when it filed for bankruptcy in 2011. But like the Phoenix of Greek mythology...


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