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Proposals to Replace the Affordable Care Act

A summary that describes Rep. Tom Price’s Empowering Patients First Act. Other leading comprehensive proposals, put forth by the President-elect and Members of Congress, to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be added in coming weeks. Some proposals have been formally introduced as legislation, others in White Paper form, with varying levels of detail specified. Summaries will be regularly updated to reflect changes in the proposals and to incorporate major new proposals as they are announced. Review the proposal at the Henry J. Kasier Family Foundation.
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Berkeley Resilience Strategy

Developed with input and insights from the people of Berkeley, the Resilience Strategy is designed to articulate solutions that make our city more resilient not only to physical challenges, such as earthquakes, sea level rise, and aging infrastructure, but also to social challenges, such as racial inequity. At its core, the Resilience Strategy is about building resilience by building community. Strong connections between neighbors and lasting partnerships between community-serving organizations are vital to helping all residents, especially those most in need and historically underserved, to...

Resilient Oakland Playbook

The Resilient Oakland playbook is a strategy document developed to help our City tackle systemic and structural challenges. The playbook outlines ways we can work together to help our community can stay rooted, ensure equitable access to quality education and develop good jobs, stable housing, public safety and vibrant streets.

Resilient San Francisco: Stronger Today, Stronger Tomorrow

RESILIENT-SF is a strategy that seeks to tap into our city’s trademark tenacity by laying out our most pressing challenges and demanding that City government partner with the community to make bold and lasting progress on these challenges. When we think about San Francisco, we think of a city of unwavering strength, a city that is prepared to not only respond but to recover, and a San Francisco of strong and unified neighborhoods, ready to continue reimagining, and striving for the strong and resilient San Francisco of tomorrow.

Creating Change through Arts, Culture and Equitable Development: A Policy and Practice Primer

Across the nation, artistic and cultural practices are helping to define the sustainability of urban, rural, and suburban neighborhoods. In the design of parks and open spaces; the building of public transit, housing, and supermarkets; in plans for addressing needs for community health and healing trauma; communities are embracing arts and culture strategies to help create equitable communities of opportunity where everyone can participate, prosper, and achieve their full potential. And artists are seeing themselves — and being seen by others — as integral community members whose talents,...

Helping Women Step Out of the Shadows

When women thrive, those around them typically do, too—and when they struggle, so do others. Yet women’s mental health and wellbeing have received insufficient attention from the health care field, from government, and from philanthropy. This lack of attention has left a gap that needs to be filled if we hope to see progress on numerous intersecting issues, from women’s rights to health care to education. Working with the Hope & Grace Fund, a philanthropic project of skincare and beauty brand Philosophy , Arabella Advisors has produced a new report that explores opportunities for funders...

Creating Order from Chaos: Roles for Philanthropy in Disaster Planning and Response

When the Jessie Ball duPont Fund went beyond its traditional disaster relief support after two devastating tornadoes struck Alabama in 2011, staff realized that they did not know enough about how public and private systems work, about where, when and how they intersect, or about organized philanthropy’s proper role. Through this document, they share their lessons and reflections.

Basic Tips for Disaster Giving

Disasters bring out the best in people. Donations to charities surge as television coverage increases. Yet we know from experience that both coordination and effective spending of donor dollars is a particular challenge, not just while the disaster is underway, but also in the long-term, as rebuilding begins. As families and communities begin to clean up and consider how long their power will be out, private philanthropists turn their attention to the question, “How can I help?” This practical tip sheet from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers guidance for disaster grantmaking.

Key Lessons Learned for Philanthropy about Disaster Response and Recovery

Our nation’s philanthropic and nonprofit leaders, in cooperation with first-responders and government personnel, have amassed a wealth of knowledge on disaster response and recovery. These are some of the key lessons learned by the contributors to The Disaster Playbook.

Resources from NCG's 2017 Annual Conference

The landscape is shifting. Significant changes in policy and practice are underway that have the potential to affect the communities, nonprofits and philanthropy and people with whom we work for generations. This theme guided our conference with our policy briefs, workshops and plenaries. Take a look at some of the presentations and resources from our 2017 Annual Conference Bigger. Bolder. Stronger. and stay tuned for additions to this page. You can also view our conference plenaries and performances on our Vimeo channel here . Please note: we are continuing to update this resource...


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