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Agenda | 2019 New Grantmakers Institute


Day 1

Check-in and Breakfast
Session 1: Introductions and Framing
  • Kate Seely, Northern California Grantmakers
Session 2: The History of Philanthropy 
  • Kate Seely, Northern California Grantmaker
Session 3: State of the Sector
  • Dimple Abichandani, General Services Foundation
  • Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute
  • Allison Magee, Zellerbach Family Foundation
  • Moderator: Alice Y Hom, Northern California Grantmakers
State 4: MythBusters: Advocacy Funding
  • Sara Matlin, Alliance for Justice
Session 5: Navigating Your Journey in Philanthropy
  • Jamie Allison, The Walter & Elise Haas Fund
  • Charles Fields, The James Irvine Foundation
  • Moderator: Kate Seely, Northern California Grantmakers

Reflection and Close

Happy Hour (Co-Sponsored with Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Bay Area Chapter)


Day 2

Breakfast and Opening
Session 6: Learning and Evaluation: Asking the Right Questions, Getting the Right Information
  • Jara Dean Coffey, Luminare Group & Equitable Evaluation Initiative 
Session 7: Your Roles in Developing Equitable Relationships with Grantee Partners
  • Angie Chen, The Libra Foundation
  • Meaghan Calcari-Campbell, The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation 
Session 8: Full Cost, Equity, and Impact
  • David Greco, Social Sector Partners
Session 9: Meet our Community Leaders
  • Kimberly Aceves-Iñiguez, RYSE Center 
  • Aimee Durfee, JVS
  • George Galvis, CURYJ
  • Moderator: Ellen LaPointe, Northern California Grantmakers
Reflection and Close