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About | Racial Equity Action Institute

NCG’s Racial Equity Action (REA) Institute — a new offering connecting racial equity specialists and leaders in philanthropy, government, business, and nonprofits to learn, network and develop a mix of actionable strategies with field experts and each other. Each year, a 20-person cohort will be chosen to participate in the Institute with opportunities to reflect, share, and act.

The REA Institute is a multi-sector space to test and deepen racial equity and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. We are centering racial equity with an intersectional framework that recognizes the ways race is shaped and informed by class, gender, sexuality, and ability. Fifteen to twenty participants will attend five, in-person, five-hour sessions from June through December 2019. Whether your institution uses “racial equity” or “DEI” the REA Institute will focus on moving your institution towards equitable practices and supporting you in creating the conditions for action.  

One sector on its own cannot solve the challenges of racial inequities. NCG recognizes we can achieve more together by organizing a multi-sector space for discussion, learning, and innovation. Through the REA Institute, participants will better understand the Bay Area racial equity landscape and create solutions for our shared challenges.

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