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Act Now for an Equitable COVID Recovery

We have the opportunity of a lifetime to ensure up to 6.3 trillion dollars in recovery funds reach our communities. We must be bold in our demands because how we define “recovery” today will impact generations to come.  Incremental progress will not meet the needs of the moment.

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified pre-existing health and wealth disparities for communities of color. People experiencing hardships before the pandemic are still struggling to meet basic expenses. The road to recovery requires philanthropy to address the underlying factors that led to the economic recession, over 60K COVID-related deaths, and a deep racial divide in our country.  

We must act today, plan for tomorrow, and level the playing field for an equitable future.

7 Principles to an Equitable Recovery

Northern California Grantmakers is committed to connecting government, nonprofits and philanthropic partners to ensure federal stimulus payments meaningfully reach local communities. Our approach is guided by seven key principles that center racial equity.

1. Ensure access to quality healthcare & mental health services for all
  • Prioritize COVID-19 testing, related healthcare services and vaccines based on race and place data, regardless of documentation or insurance status
  • Ensure access to trauma-informed mental health services
2. Promote economic opportunity for all
  • Protect economic viability for essential and frontline workers
  • Support efforts to prioritize stimulus finding for minority-owned small business and nonprofit organizations serving communities of color
3. Advance housing stability strategies
  • Prevent evictions during the pandemic and mitigate the eviction cliff post-pandemic
  • Support interim housing solutions that bring unsheltered people indoors immediately
  • Keep at-risk families stably housed through rent financial assistance, mortgage assistance for small landlords with low-income tenants & housing problem solving
4. Advocate for incarcerated populations
  • Provide incarcerated populations at high-risk for COVID-19 exposure with testing & vaccines
  • Elderly and sick people and those incarcerated for parole violations should be released or recommended for release under compassionate release provisions
5. Protect California’s democracy
  • Provide a variety of safe voting options and protect the integrity of civic processes
  • Build political and organizing power in communities of color
6. Defend access to safe learning environments & youth development
  • Rebuild trust between teachers & families
  • Identify and respond to the full needs of each student
  • Deepen community-based partnerships to meet the needs of students and their families
  • Include student voices in decision-making
7. Secure a healthy and climate-resilient future
  • Build political and organizing power in communities of color
  • Resource frontline communities to address multiple and intersectional issues of health, economic, workforce, gender, educational, and climate justice