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About | 2020 Communications Institute

Communications professionals, narrative strategists, and storytellers hold immense power and responsibility in shaping just futures.

Hosted by SoCal and Northern California Grantmakers, our 2022 Communications Institute will provide technical skills, transformational tools, and a values-aligned peer network to harness our collective power. In this five-session virtual training series program, we will offer best practices along with peer spaces to apply those practices to your real-life challenges.

We can’t do this alone. When we feel in our full agency, connected to a values-aligned network, and equipped with practical tools, we can shift the philanthropy ecosystem together.

Target Audience

We would love to invite philanthropic communicators whose values align around racial equity and justice. We specifically want to invite marginalized folks in the field who are reimagining what is possible within philanthropy. To align with our racial equity values we will be specifically curating a cohort with a majority of people of color. Wherever you are in your professional journey, we welcome you.