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Northern California Grantmakers is an association of great people doing great work. We bring together foundations, nonprofit organizations, government, and business to tackle our region’s most pressing social issues. We pool resources, share information, and learn from each other, making our collective impact far greater than if we were going it alone. Learn more about our Areas of Focus > 

Northern California is diverse and beautiful, with a rich cultural history and commitment to social justice. We are called upon to preserve it through shared effort. We understand that the choices we all make now will shape our community and cultural legacy for generations. Our work at NCG affords us the extraordinary opportunity to have a lasting and meaningful impact in the place we call home. Take a look at some of the facts that are driving disparities and the philanthropic resources entering the mix in our community today. Learn More > 

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Northern California Grantmakers brings philanthropy together to build healthy, thriving, and just communities.

Our values are the oxygen of our community.

We approach every interaction as an opportunity to learn.
We welcome a spectrum of philanthropic perspectives.
We embrace joy as a source of energy and connection.
Community is the essence of what we are.
We value informed risk-taking and experimentation, even in the face of uncertainty.
We keep the promises we make to ourselves and each other.
We carefully steward the resources with which we are entrusted.


2018 Annual (Not)-Report

What does it take to raise the roof with cowbells, tackle pressing social issues, and bring out courageous philanthropy? Whatever it is, it can’t be captured in a report.
Have a quick look at our 2018 Annual (Not)-Report to see what we accomplished together.

Photos of NCG events combined to be the title image for NCG's Annual (Not)-Report