Bay Area Health Funders Group

Grantmaking organizations are working together on an important and exciting opportunity to impact the health and well-being of communities throughout California. With support from The California Wellness Foundation, Kaiser Permanente,  the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Metta Fund, NCG is convening funders to investigate how a Bay Area Health Funders Group can create impact through learning, collaboration and discovery of common funding goals. This effort builds on the learning and connections from previous groups in the region in the recent past.

To learn more please contact Sarah Frankfurth, Manager, Collaborative Philanthropy at or (415) 625-0873 .

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Funding Collaborative
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Health Funder


Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 10:00am

The call to end family separation at the border and reunify parents with their children shows the power that engaged people and communities have to influence policy, educate the public, direct resources, and make change. With all of the complex issues that threaten the health of communities today, like the pending changes to public charge or the lack of affordable housing, now is the time for upstream power building and advocacy strategies. They are strong forces for social change, but funding them is new territory for many health funders.

How can philanthropy support communities to lift up their voices so their lived experiences are heard, and the change they want happens? What steps can funders who are new to this work take to support advocacy, civic and community engagement, or power building without crossing the line into lobbying? Join us at the next Bay Area Health Funders Group meeting to hear from foundations that have adopted upstream advocacy and engagement strategies as tools to achieve their community health goals. We'll hear about a range of approaches, from supporting advocacy organizations to advance health agendas to building capacity in direct service organizations to engage and mobilize their communities. We hope you can join us for this rich discussion.

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