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Northern California Grantmakers' community of advocates, dreamers, and believers are transforming philanthropy together.


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Dec 13

Preventing Youth Homelessness: Interrupting Incarceration

Dec 14

Your Impact Strategy Doesn’t Stop at Your Grantmaking

Jan 31

Coastal Resilience in an Era of Rapid Sea Level Rise

Feb 20 - 23

The Cultural, Historical, & Political Foundations of Racism | 2024 Foundations of Racial Equity: Session 1


Brand & Website Refresh

Did you notice we're looking a little different these days? We love it and and we hope you do too. Learn more about the refresh and what it means for our work and the NCG community.

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Tour NCG's New Website & Refreshed Brand

We have been working hard for the past year to create a website that reflects our current evolution. You'll find that we've updated our brand—and it's not just about changing logos or colors. We've taken a deeper look at how we communicate our values through our new design and our refreshed mission and vision statement.

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Where We've Been, Where We're Going

We started as the “Lunch Bunch” in the 1960s, a group of philanthropic leaders committed to growing together. We formalized ourselves in the 1980s as Northern California Grantmakers with the goal of supporting a base of philanthropic members. Currently, we have more than 220 institutional members and over 4,000 individual members. For the past forty years, we have been working to gather, mobilize, and transform philanthropy. 

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Mic Drop: Resourcing the Long Arc of Trans Liberation

Philanthropy has the privilege, honor, and responsibility of building on this legacy to fund trans liberation efforts. 

by Aldita Gallardo, Program Officer, Borealis Philanthropy

While the ubiquitous rainbow flags have been taken down, and the glittery, performative signs to index LGBTQ acceptance have been put away, the fight for trans and queer liberation continues. As a queer and trans person, our existence continues outside of corporate attempts to dilute the true spirit of Pride that is a necessary annual recognition of trans and queer rebellion against policing and the State.

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Practice Lab
Nov 9, 2023

Practice Lab: Youth Participatory Grantmaking

Asking for a Friend...
Nov 9, 2023

Asking for a Friend… As a person of color in leadership, how do I deal with microaggressions from white staff?

Nov 7, 2023

As Calls Mount for Ceasefire, Philanthropy Struggles to Find its Voice

Northern California Grantmakers recognizes we are witnessing a key moment in the history between Palestine and Israel. The violence is not occurring in a vacuum and this moment requires us to deepen our analysis. The fear, heartbreak, and trauma surrounding this crisis is generational, deeply polarizing, and challenges finding a resolution. NCG is here to support philanthropy in finding its voice as we and many others in the sector are struggling to do so.

2023 Holiday Party

It's time for our annual Holiday Party!