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2022 Racial Equity Action Plan

Below are the offerings that came of a 2021 planning process to apply a racial equity framework to all of NCG's work for 2022. To find out more about the plan, join us on February 9th. REGISTER HERE

2022 Racial Equity Action Plan Highlights

  • 2022 Policy Agenda
  • Arts Loan Fund 
  • Bay Area Homelessness Funders Network
  • Better California Toolkit Implementation
  • c(4) Learning Community
  • California Criminal Justice Funders Group 
  • Climate and Disaster Resilience - Coordination, Connection, Eduction, Advocacy, Response, and Advisory
  • Concious Whiteness for Trustees Cohort
  • Corporate Engagement/Corporate Philanthropy Institute
  • COVID & BLO Fund Support 
  • Equitable Recovery Framework
  • Equity and Social Justice Programming 
  • Five Shifts for Effective Philanthropy Initiative
  • Foundations of Racial Equity Series
  • Generational Recovery Fund
  • Governor's Office Partnership
  • Guaranteed Income Community of Practice
  • Impact Investing 
  • Member Experience 2.0
  • National Center for Family Philanthropy Partnership Activities
  • New Grantmakers Institute
  • Nonprofit Capacity, Space, & Sustainability
  • Racial Equity Action Institute
  • Racial Equity Action Institute National Replication
  • Enhanced Trustee Content
  • Vendor Equity Initiative
  • Youth Power Fund