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2022 Annual Conference Swag: Access your free print!


We're so glad you were able to join us for the 2022 Virtual Annual Conference. Below you'll find the download link for the custom art that was curated for conference attendees and more information about the artist. 



Meyo Marrufo

Meyo Marrufo is Eastern Pomo from the Clear Lake basin. While her tribe is from Robinson Rancheria, she has lived and learned from other California tribes, including Yurok, Hupa, Maidu, and Miwok territories. Marrufo has learned from many gifted artists over the years, focusing on cultural arts, regalia making, and traditional foods and cooking techniques. She teaches classes in Northern California in these methods, focused on continuing this knowledge and renewing it for future generations.

Her digital artwork shows examples of basket patterns, traditional dancing, and Pomo life, and is shown throughout California.  In addition, as a Tribal Environmental Director, Meyo works hands-on with the protection of the Pomo cultural landscape. She is working directly to impact the restoration and protection of our tribal lifeways. 


Contact Meyo at: 


Download the Print

This high-quality piece titled Meadowlark looks over the Bay can be downloaded and printed. The art features the Golden Gate bridge, golden lupine, and an Ohlone design on the woven basket. (Dimensions: Height: 20 inches, Width: 15 inches)

Download the Print