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2018 Annual (Not)-Report

*Apologies to reports everywhere...

Great people did
great work...


2,572 people nibbled away 4,607.93 grams
of cheese and pastries while attending 124 events.

2018 Member Community

Our member community continued to thrive.


Our community learned more of
what's possible with NCG membership.

New Grantmakers Institute

NCG supported new grantmakers with training and tools to become skillful, ethical professionals.


Bthe Numbers

Our members continued to invest more (and more) in our collective strength, allowing us to grow our budget and expand our staff. 

We tackled pressing issues...

Community Disaster Resilience

Our members contributed over $6.9 million to the Camp and Woolsey Fires .

NCG brought philanthropy together as wildfires
again caused record-setting devastation.

Full Cost Project

292 people from foundations and nonprofits came together to field-test a new way to honestly assess the full cost for organizations to deliver social good.


Reinvention Tour

Funders traveled together to see the reinvention of Stockton, CA and to learn from its youngest-ever Mayor, the first African American to hold the office.

We acted with courage...

Public Charge Campaign

NCG members filed over a third of the public comments submitted by philanthropy opposing rule changes to the public charge policy that would worsen the health and stability of millions of immigrant children and their familes.


Public Charge Rule Change Is a Threat to Our Collective Wellness

By Sandra J. Martínez, The California Wellness Foundation


Statement on Public Charge Rule

by The California Endownment


A Devastating Rule for Migrant Families Could Become Law Soon

By Carol S. Larson, David and Lucile Packard Foundation


Proposed Public Charge Rule Would Hurt Californians

By Sandra R. Hernández, California Health Care Foundation 

Border Tour

Philanthropy California helped bring funders together on both sides of the US/Mexico border to support immigrants confronting extreme obstacles
and devastating conditions. 

Where curiosity took us...

Trauma & Resilience Network

The smart and inspiring network on trauma and resilience tapped into the growing science on childhood adversity.

Social Media

The NCG community stepped up its Twitter game...

And we continued to learn more about you.

We've continued to grow our followers by over 700 each year.

62% of our audience is female and only 27% are millennials.


Top Tweet

Top Follower

Corporate Philanthropy Institute

Corporate members sharpened their tools for
purposeful action in a turbulent time.

We were serious
about joy...

More cowbell

We produced 27,000 decibels with cowbells at our Annual Conference.

We enjoyed and appreciated
each other.

Cheers to an incredible year together. 

We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store.